Undergraduate Programmes

With students currently on placement in year 3 from Kent and Medway Medical School, year 4 from Kings College London (KCL) and year 5 from KCL and from St George's Medical School, our programmes for students are naturally tailored towards the curriculum and learning outcomes for these students.

The Trust has a full range of specialties including the Kent Oncology Centre and the Hyper Acute Stroke Unit where students can gain experience outside of their particular placement programme.

All students are allocated FY1 Buddies to help them settle in to their placement, assist in areas that students may wish to revise or revisit and gain experience of areas outside their particular placement.

With the arrival of medical students from the Kent and Medway Medical School (KMMS) in 2022 for Years 3 and subsequently Years 4 and 5, the number and range of placements is increasing. This will provide additional teaching opportunities for all students and integration with other students for group teaching where it is appropriate to do so and curriculum requirements align.

Undergraduate placement programme design at MTW is mindful of the move towards more innovative learning activities and our programmes support this ethos. MTW has the infrastructure and facilities to allow students to access and engage with materials asynchronously; before, during or after formal teaching.

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