Here to support you at every step of your training, both professionally and personally, our team are available to help and assist you in any way we can.

Tough times are unavoidable, particularly when you are focussed on studying to achieve your career goals. We all need a bit of help and guidance at some point and whether it’s work stress or a crisis at home, we are here to help.

There are a number of professionals who will support you in your training. Programme Directors are available for help and guidance at both sites. Each Trainee is allocated a GP Trainer to support them through their three years of training. You will also have a Clinical Supervisor for each of your rotations.

Along with Educational Supervisors, Clinical Tutors, and the Medical Education admin team, there is a complete support network available to answer your queries and help resolve any issues. Our wellbeing app provides information on a range of sources of psychological, financial, physical and educational wellbeing support.

Feedback from our courses repeatedly shows how well supported our Trainees feel, and how friendly the staff are. The Medical Education team make it our priority to support you in any way that we can.

Wellbeing champions

  • SuppoRTT: Dr Emma Townsend
  • LTFT: Dr Iona Bell
  • Wellbeing: Dr Aimay Mirdin and Dr Emma Townsend.

I am the SuppoRTT Champion at MTW assisted by Anita Mann (Medical Education Manager). I started working as an Emergency Medicine Consultant at the Trust in 2011 and throughout my career I have been heavily involved with postgraduate teaching and training, primarily teaching on Simulation START and ATLS courses.

I’m sure SuppoRTT would have streamlined my training, and removed vast amounts of worry and expense. Some of the brilliant aspects of SuppoRTT are:

  • Tailored meetings before and shortly after your return. Also a meeting before you leave (if you are able to predict this).
  • Possibility of supported work shifts, and optimisation of the rota when you initially return.
  • Courses and simulation aimed at improving skills, human factors and team working.

My aim in this role is to increase awareness of this programme, and engage all specialties and trainees so that people can return to work in a more confident manner.

I plan to deliver up-to-date information to junior doctors in a variety of formats, from informal trainee-led presentations to inductions, LFG and LAB. There are also resources on the Trust intranet.

I welcome suggestions and feedback so please do not hesitate to contact me at

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