The ENT department is a small, friendly and busy department, covering a population of about 500,000. We have 4 consultants, 1 Associate Specialist, 3 Trust Grade doctors, 2 StRs, 2 F2 trainees, 3 GP StR trainees and intermittently a CT1 trainee. We also have 5 ENT Specialist Nurse Practitioners who play a major role in our department, running their own clinics and seeing emergency patients.

The posts are based at the new Tunbridge Wells Hospital at Pembury part of the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust. The hub of our department is at Tunbridge Wells, but we also have daycase operating at Maidstone as well as daily clinics there. We also have clinics at a variety of outlying hospitals such as Crowborough, Uckfield and Sevenoaks.

Post detail
  • Grade: ST3 – ST6 (2 trainees) StR in ENT (part of the HEKSS ENT rotation)
  • Location: ENT department, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust (based at Tunbridge Wells at Pembury Hospital & Maidstone Hospital)
  • Qualifications & Professional registration required: MRCS (mandatory), DO-HNS (usually required)
Training Programme

We cover most aspects of ENT, including otology, sinus surgery and rhinology, benign and malignant head and neck disease and voice problems. A significant proportion of our patients are under 16, and we are able to treat all patients from the age of 12 months upwards. During the 12 months here, the StRs obtain excellent theatre exposure covering most aspects of ENT, and we are able to adjust the timetable to try and accommodate specific training needs as necessary.

This rotation is part of the HEKSS ENT Specialist Training rotation. Shift Practice and Rota: the StRs are on a 1 in 6 on call rota, with prospective cover. This is non-resident.

Education and Study Schedule: The StRs have one half day per week for private study / research. There are several regional study days a year which trainees are expected to attend. Education within the department is provided on a regular basis, both with organised weekly teaching sessions, and through consultant supervision at operating sessions and outpatient clinics. There are multidisciplinary meetings and specialist clinics such as the voice clinic which provide further educational opportunities. There is encouragement to give occasional teaching to the junior trainees at their weekly meeting. There is an ENT website accessible through the Trust intranet or from home with direct links to departmental teaching and current ENT journals with full text articles, which is very useful for private study. There are active audit projects within the department in which the StRs are expected to join. All the consultants within the department have completed their QESP/ RCP training, and all use the ISCP website for formal assessments of training progress.

On-call: The on-call rota is a 1 in 6 non-resident rota with prospective cover. This is part of a 3 tier on-call system, with a junior or ENT practitioner resident on-call, and a consultant

College Tutor
  • Mr Scott Maskell – Specialty Lead
  • CCT at end of regional rotation.
  • Core competencies relevant to whichever stage of StR training you are at.
Salary Scale

All payscales can be found on the website below. The Trust is continually working with juniors to make sure all rotas are compliant. You will initially receive an offer letter followed by your contract. Should you require any additional information beforehand, please contact our Medical Staffing department by email.

Payments policy

Employee salaries are paid on the 24th of the month. If this falls on a weekend salaries will be paid on the last working day.

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