The Otolaryngology (ENT) Department which is based at the Tunbridge Wells Hospital in Pembury is a small, friendly and busy department. We have five Substantive Consultants, one Locum Consultant, one Associate Specialist, four Trust Grade doctors, two StRs, two F2 trainees, three GP StR trainees and intermittently a CT1 Surgical trainee. We also have four ENT Specialist Nurse Practitioners who play a major role in our Department, running their own clinics and seeing emergency patients.

  • We cover most aspects of ENT, including otology, sinus surgery and rhinology, benign and malignant head and neck disease and voice problems,
  • Paediatric Surgery: A significant proportion of our patients are under 16, and we are able to treat all patients from the age of 12 months upwards,
  • Excellent theatre exposure covering most aspects of ENT, and we are able to adjust the timetable to try and accommodate specific training needs as necessary.
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