Higher Specialty training is based at the Kent Oncology Centre at Maidstone Hospital. Here the team provide outpatient clinics, and a full radiotherapy and chemotherapy service. There are also inpatient beds and a bracytherapy facility for treating oesophageal and gynaecological and prostate cancers.

  • Progressive programmes designed to cover all aspects of the specialty
  • Practical experience gained in treatment planning for Radiotherapy, Cytotoxic Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy
  • Experience of Palliative Care and managerial aspects of providing a Cancer Service
  • Formal training in Radiation Physics, Pharmacology, Statistics, Cell Biology, Radiobiology and Pathology
  • Trainees are taught to communicate effectively through integration in teams of specialist nurses, radiographers, physicists, surgeons and other clinicians from the outset
  • Research through clinical trials or translational research is encouraged
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