The post-holder will be on the Registrar Rota and will be an integral member of the multidisciplinary team and may lead specific duties as appropriate. This post is planned to provide excellent experience in Acute and General Internal Medicine and the whole array of general Rheumatology – from the use of Ultrasound to managing the whole gamut of inflammatory arthritides and connective tissue diseases.

Post detail
  • Grade: ST3-7
  • Location: The post holder will be based in the Rheumatology Department at Maidstone Hospital.
  • Qualifications & Professional registration required: Registered medical qualifications; MRCP membership; Completed Foundation years 1 and 2 or equivalent and 2 years of Core Medical Training or equivalent; At least 1 year UK experience
Training Programme

ROTA: There is a 1 in 6 full shift rota in place that the ST trainee shares with the other trainees. The work pattern and intensity of the rota is EWTD compliant.

EDUCATION AND STUDY SCHEDULE: There are twice weekly grand rounds held within the Medical Education Centre. Other teaching sessions/opportunities take place within the hospital. Monthly Trust-wide education half-days are organised. There are audit meetings, journal clubs, and “hot cases” sessions.

In this programme we adopt a variety of learning approaches. This includes ward based clinical teaching, exposure to outpatients and theatres at the appropriate identified level, private study, courses, reflective practice, audit projects, regular teaching specific to year but also multi-specialty if appropriate.

If the Educational Supervisor has any concerns about a trainee’s development / progress, this will be raised in the first instance with the trainee and subsequently, if necessary with the Training Programme Director (TPD) and the Local Faculty Group (LFG) and then through the Local Academic Board (LAB) to HEKSS. This is to ensure that the appropriate support is provided as it is common for trainees to experience difficulties and should only become a problem if help is not sought at an early stage.

On call 1 long day shift during weekdays, 3 long day shifts during weekends, 4 consecutive nights shifts (Monday to Thursday – back on the following Monday) or 3 day weekend night shift (Friday to Sunday – back the subsequent Friday).

During this period, the trainee is on the GIM on-call rota – benefiting from doing ward rounds with consultants from differing specialities.

Working for three full-time rheumatology consultants, the ST trainees see their own patients during x2 weekly clinics. The trainee has the opportunity to attend monthly connective disease, injection and spondyloarthropathy clinics and is encouraged to become proficient in musculoskeletal ultra-sound. They will be the first to review ward referrals and will have a weekly Consultant-led ward round. There is a weekly Rheumatology Educational meeting. The trainees are encouraged to carry out regional audits to increase the chances of publication. To this end, they attend our regional rheumatology meetings.

The trainee will be expected to help support the research arm of the department.

With regards to Medicine, he/she will help run the MAU for 2 days a week with a slot to see acute medical follow-ups. As they are the first medical trainees to see the patient, their procedural competencies improve very quickly.

This job is a 50%/50% Rheumatology/GIM split.

College Tutors

Dr Siva Sivappriyan – College Tutor

  • CCT Rheumatology/GIM
  • Core Competencies in Rheumatology and General Internal Medicine
Salary Scale

All payscales can be found on the website below. The Trust is continually working with juniors to make sure all rotas are compliant. You will initially receive an offer letter followed by your contract. Should you require any additional information beforehand, please contact our Medical Staffing department by email.

Payments policy

Employee salaries are paid on the 24th of the month. If this falls on a weekend salaries will be paid on the last working day.

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