The IT facilities within the Education Centres are excellent. Resources include lecture rooms with audio visual equipment, video conferencing with links to theatres, simulation training suites and internet accessible PCs in the Libraries.

All new Doctors who join the Trust receive an in-depth online induction to our hospital systems so that they are comfortable using them from the moment they join the Trust.

The Medical Education Team and the Trust are continually looking at ways we can improve your learning experiences. This includes improving IT facilities across both sites. We work with our Trainees to develop IT solutions to benefit them, such as electronic handover systems and trialling other innovative devices and systems for Doctors.

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Networked PCs in the library

We work with our trainees to develop IT solutions to benefit them.


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With robust educational standards and some of the finest Clinical Tutors, College Tutors, Programme Directors and Consultants on hand to guide you, you won’t just achieve - you will excel.
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